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prostate screening psa

Source: Romanian Journal of Urology.

One-off PSA screening for prostate cancer does not save lives

Dec, Vol. Author s : Iordache, A. Abstract: Scientific context: Prostate cancer is the most common noncutaneous cancer and represents the second cause of mortality through neoplasia in United States and the EU.

In Romania the incidence varies according to age, range from perpeople, reaching a maximum at the age group years. PSA prostate-specific antigen is a glycoprotein produced by prostatic epithelial cells.

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Disruption prostate structure can lead to download large quantities of PSA in systemic circulation. Purpose: Analysis of the predictive value of clinical and paraclinical parameters for identification patients with prostate cancer.

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Objectives: 1. Generating predictive value and validity of tests considered - PSA, Free PSA and local clinical examination followed by descriptive evaluation of therapeutic decision for patients with positive diagnosis.

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Methodology: The study population consisted of patients hospitalized in the Surgery Center of Urology and Renal Transplantation "Fundeni" during prostate screening psa - july The study population was submitted for inclusion and exclusion criteria and standard protocol for low urinary tract symptoms. Results: Average age of patients enrolled was 63 years, most patients were from urban areas.

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For PSA we obtained: sensitivity For Free PSA values prostate screening psa Sensitivity calculated for local clinical examination is Positive predictive value is Specificity adjustment may occur by increasing the number of cores collected by transrectal biopsy and decrease the threshold for positivity of PSA and increase for Free PSA. The detection rate in the studied group does not increase with increasing the number of cores, which suggests that the majority of study population included has positive ultrasound lesions.

PSA value correlates with the aggressiveness of the disease and second with its prognosis.

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În stadiile incipiente, adenocarcinomul prostatic este limitat la glandă. In the early stages the prostate adenocarcinoma is confined to the gland. Persoanele cu cancer cervical, pancreatic, prostatic, uterin sau de colon sunt de obicei expuse la un risc mai mare de a dezvolta enterita de radiație.

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