Prostate cancer stages

prostate cancer stages

Patients face a real dilemma when selecting among so many treatments with potentially irreversible consquences.

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Studies show that treatment choices based on partial information often lead to regret. When initally diagnosed with prostate cancer, the first step is to seek information.

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Patients struggle to pinpoint correct knowledge amidst a deluge of data overload. The "Paradox of Choice" can be diminished by staging the cancer accurately.

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The pathway leading out of this confusion is to know your Stage of Blue. With a short, self-administered prostate cancer staging quiz, Key directs readers to targeted information that is stage-specific.

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This book directs patients to understand options and educate them about treatments specific prostate cancer stages their stage of prostate cancer. The book is divided into seven sections written by experts in prostate cancer.

The average reader will only need to read three sections: Section I, which covers PSA, Gleason score and body scans, Section VII, which covers lifestyle and general health and only one of the additional sections--one that is related to that patient's prostate cancer stage. Written by 30 leading experts and edited by a prostate oncologist, Key is a welcome antidot

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