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Bogdan - Corresponding author: - 2. Pathology on the edge of interdisciplinarity. A historical epitome E. Vollmer, T. Goldmann Pathology is a bridging discipline that involves both basic and clinical biomedical sciences. In this context, it includes both descriptive and mechanistic approaches, with the final goals of further understanding the anatomic and functional changes and underlying molecular events involved in disease-related processes.

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Pathology studies mainly comprise macroscopic and microscopic examinations, and involve the visual recognition of different patterns in cells and tissues. In time elapsed to this end, it has adopted a dazzling array of methods and techniques from the most varied fields of natural and engineering sciences in order to optimize tissue analysis, which will be summarized in this article.

Corresponding author: Ekkehard Vollmer, Professor, e-mail: evollmer fz-borstel.

Genetic patterns of metalloproteinases and their tissular inhibitors - clinicopathologic and prognostic significance in colorectal cancer V. Surlin, M. Psa 70 prostate cancer, I. Plesea Colorectal cancer CRC is the third most common cancer in men and second in women. Progression and invasion of colorectal cancer is a multistep process involving multiple interactions between the tumor and the surrounding stroma mediated by many proteins, among them metalloproteinases MMPs and tissular inhibitors of metalloproteinases TIMPs.

Levels of MMPs genes expression in colorectal cancer correlate with the depth of invasion, hematogenous and lymphatic metastasis, poor differentiation, Duke's stage and prognosis. Levels of TIMP's genes expression correlate with better prognosis and longer survival.

The methods to assess the variance in gene expression were not always the same. The promoter regions of metalloproteinases present many polymorphisms and all have allele-specific effects on regulation of MMP gene transcription.

Numerous studies on the association of these polymorphisms with cancer susceptibility have been carried out. Most of the studies addressed one or two polymorphisms and their implications.

A meta-analysis is necessary to confirm significant correlations.

Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament Much more than documents. Home Prostatita calcifications tratament CBP causes an associated symptom complex, the hallmark of which is the occurrence of relapsing urinary tract infections, usually involving the same pathogen. The prevalence schistosomiasis cure prostatic calcification, characteristics of calculi number, size, and locationand differences in lower urinary tract symptoms were compared and analyzed for subjects who underwent transrectal ultrasonography at the HPC and the Urology Outpatients Schistosomiasis cure at our hospital from October to October.

The heterogenicity of the MMPs and TIMPs genetic patterns generated by different studies on colorectal cancer does not allow us to have an overall correlation with clinicopathologic variables and the prognosis of the disease.

Studies that involve many MMPs, TIMPs polymorphisms and their tissular expression would be more valuable to better assess the role of those enzymes in the progression of the disease prostate calcification natural treatment may serve as a starting point for selective therapeutic approaches.

Extra-genitally located endometriosis I. The significance of its finding is also outlined by its less frequent localizations intestine, gall bladder, lungs and by its differentiated symptoms complicating the differential diagnosis. The definitive diagnosis can only be reached through a histopathological examination as the detection of this affliction may lead to severe therapeutic errors radical resection. The importance of an early diagnosis may help in preventing and delaying the effects of this affliction.

Histological prostate calcification natural treatment ultrastructural analysis of the seminiferous tubule wall in ageing testis O. Pop, Corina Gabriela Cotoi, I. Plesea, Mihaela Gherghiceanu, S. Enache, E. Mandache, Gratiela Hortopan, R. Plesea The authors evaluated possible morphological changes of basement membrane BM and lamina propria LP of seminferous tubule wall ST related to ageing.

Surgical samples of testicular tissue from 28 cases with orchiectomy for prostate adenocarcinoma were processed for light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy TEM examination.

Seven age groups AgGr between 50 and 80 years were designed. Tissue samples were immunomarked for collagen IV and smooth muscle actin. Images were acquired and measured with a specialized software.

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Thirty ST were randomly selected, with xobjective, for each case. Five random determinations for each ST and each parameter were performed.

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Regression line RLslope and significance test for slope were determined for each parameter correlation with ageing. BM mean value was around 0. RL showed discrete decreasing trend with ageing but without prostate calcification natural treatment obvious statistical correlation.

LP mean value was around 6 micro-m, also with narrow limits of ranging in AgGr and more extended individual limits.

Schistosomiasis ¦ Treatment and Symptoms schistosomiasis uk Schistosomiasis : Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis papilloma lezyon nedir Schistosomiasis cure 10 Herbs You Need to Grow Schistosomiasis cure Schistosomiasis cure - Cancerul vindecare neconventionala Cryptosporidium cysts breaking open and trophs coming out Typhoid fever Schistosomiasis cure, Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament Uploaded by Home Prostatita calcifications tratament CBP causes an associated symptom complex, the hallmark of which is the schistosomiasis cure of relapsing urinary tract infections, usually involving the schistosomiasis cure pathogen. Schistosomiasis cure 10 Herbs You Need to Grow The prevalence of prostatic calcification, characteristics of calculi number, size, and locationand differences in lower urinary tract symptoms were compared and analyzed for subjects who underwent transrectal schistosomiasis cure at the HPC and the Urology Outpatients Department at our hospital from October to October. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with schistosomiasis cure, games, and other study tools.

RL decreased discretely with ageing but without an obvious statistical correlation. Our results showed that BM thickness is apparently decreasing with ageing whereas LP presents extremely variable degenerative changes, with a "mosaic", focal distribution and no tendency to advance with ageing.


The role of endoscopic examination accompanied by histological examination on biopsy samples in the diagnosis of gastric carcinoma D. Ghita, Aurelia Glavici, A. Saftoiu, I. Plesea, S. Cazacu, Claudia Georgescu, T. Ciurea Introduction. Endoscopic evaluation is one of the most important explorations in the diagnosis of gastric cancer, increasing its value by adding biopsy sampling and histopathologic examination, especially in early forms of gastric malignant proliferations.

The aim of this study was to evaluate some descriptive parameters of macroscopic and microscopic aspects of gastric carcinomas defined with the help of endoscopic investigation and gastric biopsies sampled during endoscopic examination, and their correlation with patient survival.

Materials and Methods. The study was performed on a group of patients diagnosed with gastric carcinoma. The study material was represented by: tissue fragments obtained by endoscopic biopsy, clinical observation charts, histopathologic diagnosis records, ledgers for records of endoscopic investigation, and endoscopic images recorded for each patient.

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Biopsies were taken preferentially from areas with the highest risk of malignancy. Tumor fragments were subjected to conventional histological processing techniques fixation and inclusion in paraffin and then were stained with HIM.

The study included two chapters: the imagistic study and the pathologic study. The parameters assessed were: the site of the lesion within the stomach, the endoscope macroscopic appearance, the microscopic appearance of the endoscope biopsy sample, and the survival, followed up until 48 months. Most of the tumors were restricted to a single segment of the stomach. The combined histologic and endoscopic morphologic investigation allowed the shaping of an prostate calcification natural treatment morphologic and prognostic preoperative profile in gastric carcinomas.

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Morphoclinical study of intracerebral hemorrhage with subarachnoid effusion Carmen Corina Stancu, I. Enache, R. Diaconescu, A. Camenita, Mihaela Tenovici Aim. The study is an integrated assessment of clinical, imagistic and morphological parameters in severe intracerebral hemorrhages ICH complicated with subarachnoid effusion SAE. The parameters evaluated were clinical relation with the seasons, age, sex, arterial blood pressure, the motor deficit, degree of coma and Glasgow score at admission and morphological the sites of the intraparenchymal hematoma and SAE, the size of the intraparenchymal hematoma, the presence of the mass effect, and the association of intraventricular effusion.

The latter were assessed on CT films and during autopsy. From the 37 studied cases, 18 were men and 19 women. The hematomas had huge dimensions as compared to hosting encephalic structures, in lobar sites involving more than one lobe. Other risk factors as mass effect, perilesional edema and intraventricular extension IVE were constantly present.

The association of SAE with other independent prostate calcification natural treatment factors such as hypertension, low Glasgow scores, dimensions of hemorrhagic foci, presence of mass effect, perilesional edema and intraventricular extension IVE results in the death of patient despite any sustained therapeutical intervention.

Preliminary study of bipolar hip prosthesis - influence of acetabular bone interactions on bone morphology I. Prostate calcification natural treatment, D. Anusca, Simona Bondari, O. Pop, F. Poenaru, V. Dascalu, Mirela Ghilusi Periprosthetic bone changes following hip arthroplasty are yet to be completely described. The material consisted of imagistic records X-ray films, CT and MRI scans and of acetabular bone tissue sampled from 14 cases with femoral head prosthesis and revision of the prosthesis fixed and decalcified in Duboscq-Brazil solution and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin, trichrome van Gieson and trichrome Masson.

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Acetabular bone is home of a great variety of morphological changes that can be divided in degenerative and regenerative changes seen in both compact and trabecular components but only inside the maximal pressure area of the acetabular roof.

Our preliminary morphological study revealed the existence of an adaptation effort to the mechanical stress materialized through a dynamic process of bone remodeling in the maximal pressure area. Olaru, I. Stanoiu, Fl. Bogdan Pleural effusions are still representing a challenge in daily practice. This retrospective study on patients with pleurisies hospitalized in our unit is focused on the contribution of different types of pleural fluid morphological evaluation in setting a correct etiological diagnosis.

The algorithm of investigation included: gross aspects assessment on X-ray records and by direct observation of pleural liquid obtained by thoracentesis and microscopic assessment on cytology slides of pleural fluid and on histopathological samples obtained by pleural needle biopsies. Cytologic examination of pleural fluid was useful in establishing the final diagnosis in Imagistic investigation offered appropriate information concerning the site and extention of pleural effusions and guided, in certain cases, the needle biopsy.

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Gross aspect of pleural fluid oriented quite well the suspicion diagnosis. The use of a set of cytological "formulas" was useful in filtering subsequently the suspicion diagnosis.

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Histopatholgical examination of pleural tissue samples established the final diagnosis in cases where etiology was still uncertain after laboratory and cytological examination and subtyped further the pathologic processes within each main category of etiology. A correct diagnosis of pleural mydocalm din recenzii de prostatită could be achieved only by going through a precise algorithm of investigation where, prostate calcification natural treatment thorough clinical examination and laboratory tests especially of pleural liquid, morphological assessment and in particular cytologic examination of pleural liquid and histopatological examination of pleural tissue samples are essential.

The importance of monitoring protocols in cervical carcinoma screening Madalina Bosoteanu, C. Bosoteanu, Mariana Deacu, Mariana Aschie Romania has supremacy in terms of European statistical indicators of cervical cancer, a fact attested by the studies made by international organizations.

Cutaneous MALT-lymphoma: from cutaneous immunocytoma and pseudolymphoma to the current and future conceptions A. Fernandez-Flores The current report examines the evolution of the concepts of immunocytoma and pseudolymphoma in a historical perspective, paying special attention to their evolvement into the groups of marginal-zone lymphoma and cutaneous MALT-lymphoma. The anatomical relations of the sphenoid sinus and their implications in sphenoid endoscopic surgery V. Budu, Carmen Aurelia Mogoanta, B. Fanuta, I.

The present study is based on cytological evaluation of a group of cervico-vaginal smears, segregated in various groups that were monitored by standard diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, attitude based on an excellent collaboration with the gynecologist. This cooperation led to the elaboration of a set of protocols for follow-up of patients assessed by Babes-Papanicolaou test, in order to assure an adequate management for all cervical lesions.

Schistosomiasis cure, Schistosomiasis cure. Prostatita calcifications tratament

This idea is also supported in cases of glandular cell atypia, whose microscopic evaluation identified premalignant and malignant lesions, both in endometrial and endocervical site. A particular aspect of the analyzed batch consists in the description of a subgroup of false-negative cytodiagnostic results associated with cervical carcinoma, highlighting the causes and the possibilities to avoid further errors.

Overall analysis of results reveals major involvement of the pathologist in providing the sequence from cytology to histopathological diagnosis and to establish diagnostic continuity. Petcu Ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS is the malignant epithelial cell proliferation that affect only ducts, including lobular, without basement membrane interruption.

Benign or malignant cell phenotype is defined by nuclear appearance. Morphometric analysis could provide quantitative information about nuclear profile in several lesions.


In this study, we assess nuclear morphometric features of mammary epithelial cells in DCIS compared to normal resting mammary gland tissue. For morphological evaluation, we included two groups of mammary gland tissue. The first group comprised breast tissue from 20 women surgically treated and histopathologically confirmed with DCIS. The second control group was represented by normal resting mammary tissue obtained from another 20 women surgically treated for fibroadenoma.

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Evaluated morphometric parameters were: creatinina pentru prostatita area NAnuclear perimeter Pmaximum diameter Dmaxminimum diameter Dminelongation factor E.

Morphometric assessment of DCIS nuclei showed significant higher values than normal resting breast tissue. Morphometric analysis gave information about tumor aggressiveness, invasion tendency and disease prognostic. Plamadeala Introduction: The need for reasoning with medical evidence the different types of shock, especially when there are medical and legal implications, has determined the search of biological markers of the shock.