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In the case of the 6 year old common bred cat presenting dispnoea for 3 weeks, while using the classical MGG coloration, at the microscopic examination of the smear that was made on a draw taken from an intensely hemorrhagic pleural effusion, there was discovered a neoplastic young cell population, with an intense anisocytosis, severe anisopoikilokaryosis, monstrous nuclei, multiple nuclei baring cells, an abundant and intense basophile cytoplasm and numerous atypical mitosis.

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In conclusion, the cytopunction is characteristic for an intensely hemorrhagic effusion. The images are mainly compatible with a carcinoma or a mesothelioma. Following the immunocytomarking, the definite diagnosis was made, and consisted of a neoplastic pleural effusion associated to a pleural carcinoma Fig. A tumoral pleural effusion in the case of a cat. Multiple nuclei-baring tumoral cells.

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Atypical mitosis. MGG, x Fig. A pleural effusion in a cat. Pleural carcinoma. ICC, x Positive reaction 2. In the case of the recurring pleural effusion of a neoplastic type, from a 10 year old cat, using the MGG coloration, there was observed a moderate blood contamination and an inflammatory population composed of neutrophile granulocytes and macrophages.

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The macrophages present numerous cell detritus inside the cytoplasm. There are also present spherical cells of various sizes, with an intracytoplasmatic material mucus and numerous atypical mitosis — a cytological aspect in the favor of a malignant neoplastic effusion.

The 22 Lucrări Ştiinţifice cefuroxime for prostatitis vol. A neoplastic pleural effusion in a cat.

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An eosinophilic matter abundently proteic material. Active macrophages.

Probleme cu prostata: cauze, remedii naturale si dieta. Prostata este o glanda micuta cam de marimea unei nuci.

Intracytoplasmatic cell detritus. MGG, x The immunocytomarking was proven to be inconclusive for the final diagnosis a suspicion of pleural carcinoma or mesothelioma because the material of the smear presented a dense film of an eosinophilic material proteins.

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A male 2 year old common bred cat presented a cranial mediastinal neoplasm, a cough and an occasional dispnoea. Using the usual Cefuroxime for prostatitis coloration, the microscopic examination following the cytopunction of the mediastinal formation is characterized by a slight blood contamination without any erytrophagocytosis or hemosiderosis images.

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The main cells present an anaplastic character and are either isolated or disposed in intensely basophilic placard. They have a polyedric shape, a 25 to 40 µm diameter and show a strong anisocytosis with unclear cytoplasmatic limits. The cytoplasm is abundent, the nucleus is oval, the chromatine is fine baring 1 to 2 large nucleoli and with a high power of anisopoikilokariosis.

There are also seen remnants of free nuclei a nuclear fragility and small lymphocytes in a small number.

Macropen în tratamentul prostatitei

In conclusion, the draw shows a malignant neoplastic formation, with an intensely anaplastic aspect that is compatible with a malignant epithelial thymoma Fig. In the case of the draw that came from the pleural effusion colored using MGG there can be observed a background of the smear that consists of a light granullar proteic material and a slight blood contamination, without any signs of erytrophagocytosis cefuroxime for prostatitis hemosiderosis.

The draw is composed especially of mature lymphocytes and undegenerated neutrophilic granullocytes, as well as several foam-shaped active macrophages. Prostate anatomy mri images cytological aspect is compatible to a modified transsudate or a starting chilothorax Fig.

A mediastinal neoplasm in a cat.

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Tumoral cells. Outstanding anisocytosis. Free nuclei. MGG, x 24 Lucrări Ştiinţifice — vol. A pleural neoplastic effusion in a cat.

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Foam-shaped active macrophages. Mature lymphocytes. Neutrophilic granullocytes. A negative control. The probe was poor in cells.

Ce există pentru prevenirea prostatitei În Egipt, cimbru a fost inclus în procesul de îmbălsămire complexă, iar grecii au folosit cimbru ca tămâie sau tămâie parfumată thymiama. Chiar și în cele mai vechi timpuri se remarcă faptul că iarba dă putere și curaj. Prin urmare, Highlanderii scoțieni au fost întăriți cu ceai de cimbru înainte de bătălie. Prostatita este o infecție a țesutului prostatic.

Negative marking. Decreased cellularity. Negative marking - The cytological and immunocytochemical examination of the 3 draws from cavitary effusions evaluated in the course of this study have permitted the elaboration of the following main conclusions: 1.

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In the case of the effusions that were associated to neoplastic processes there were emphasised the malignancy criterias of tumoral cells: anisocytosis, anisocariosis, multiple nuclei-baring cells, large nucleoli and an intense vacuolisation of the cytoplasm. In the case of the studied draws that were cytologically examined, there was not possible to identify the origin of tumoral cells because of the morphologic changes that they had suffered.

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As follows, the draws were examined using the complementary immunocytochemical examination. Using the immunocytochemical method, the malignant tumoral cells have been identified in a single case from the three that were evaluated the first amiksin din prostatită with the pleural carcinoma. In two of the cases, the immunocytomarking was negative because the specific antibodies were blocked by the intensely proteic background and the small number of cells from the draw, therefore the diagnosis consisted of suspicioned malignancy.

Combining the routine cytopathologic evaluation with an immunocytochemical examination can lead to a specific correct diagnosis, that can be used for the final treatment surgical treatment, a neohelping treatment or an aiming therapy and 26 Lucrări Ştiinţifice — vol.

Bibliography 1. Cotea C.